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Bike Servicing & Repairs

It’s important to look after and keep your bike well maintained. You should give it a quick check over before long rides to make sure everything is running as it should be and also have it serviced regularly.

Our shop has a fully equipped workshop and offer all repairs and servicing including specialist suspension and Brompton servicing.

Whether your trusty commuter needs a wipe and tune-up after spending a winter on the balcony, or a full strip down after a hard racing season, we have a service to suit your needs. Our fully-trained mechanic will make your bike feel like new again in no-time – competitive prices and quick turnaround times. When it comes to servicing we don't mess around!

  • We service all brands and all kind of bikes. Any job, any bike!
  • Accessories purchased from us are fitted free of charge.
  • Contact us to book a service. This can be done either by calling us at 22 256566 (working hours) or emailing us at​.

SERVICE Charges:

  • Inner Tube Replacement: 5-7€ (includes tube)
  • Wheel True: 10€ (per wheel)
  • Spoke Replacement: 3€ each
  • Inner & Outer Gear Cable Replacement: 10-15€ per end (includes parts and adjustment)
  • Disc Brake Pads Replacement: 13-22€ per end (includes parts)
  • Rim Brake Pads Replacement: 8-12€ per end (includes parts)
  • Brake Bleeding: 15€ (per brake)
  • Hub Service/Preload Adjustment: 10€ (does not include parts)


Excludes cost of parts

Recommended every 3 to 6 months, depending on use

  • Brakes & Gears Adjusted
  • Chain Checked & Lubricated
  • Wheels & Tires Inspected for Wear
  • Safety Check for loose bolts, loose headset, brake pad wear, worn cables


Excludes cost of parts

Recommended every 9 to 12 months, depending on use


  • Wheels trued and spokes tensioned
  • Bearings checked for play or wear
  • Bottom bracket checked for play or wear
  • Drivetrain cleaned, checked for wear and re-lubricated
  • Brakes checked for wear and adjusted