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Wheel & Tyre Accessories

Radon Cassette Remover & Freewheel Turner Set

Radon Cassette Remover & Freewheel Turner Set With this set you have everything that is required for disassembly of the cassette/freewheel. Freewheel Turner Material: Tool steel Length: 190mm Weight: 290g Freewheel Remover with Handle Material: Toool steel Suitable...

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Birzman Valve Core Tool

BM15-VCL01 Valve Core Tool Made from Aluminum 7075, this is used for the removal and installation of Presta and Schrader valve cores, and Presta valve extenders with 5mm wrench flats.    Note: Not all...

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Tacx Tyre Levers (Set 3-pc.)

T4615 Tire Levers blue – Tyre Levers   Original Tire Levers by Tacx! Very functional.   Unbreakable plastic. Set 3-pc. Dimensions: 120x30x19mm Weight: 35g Color: Blue  

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FFWD Quick Release Skewers

Lightweight chromoly quick release skewers for road wheels.  Alloy lever and nuts.   Weight: F: 41g R: 45g (86g set)  

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FFWD Brake Pads for carbon rims (SwissStop Black Prince)

The only recommended brake pad for use on FFWD tubular and full carbon clincher wheels.   SwissStop’s Black Prince has improved upon the performance of the Yellow King in a variety of...


Birzman Valve Extender

Valve Extender (With Tool) BM13-PO-AVE-40-SET/BM13-PO-AVE-80-SET/BM13-PO-AVE-20-SET Birzman valve extenders come in three different lengths; 20mm, 40mm and 80mm, for adapting Presta valve inner tubes for use.  

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Birzman Tire Lever Set (3 Pcs)

Tire Lever Set BM09-WG-SET 1.Made from hardened ABS. 2. Additional air release function on the rear side. 3.3 pcs per set

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Effetto Mariposa Caffelatex Remover 50ml

Caffélatex Remover   Stains of latex sealants can be very difficult to remove. Caffélatex Remover is a modern solvent that will soften/dissolve dried-out natural or synthetic latex stains from bicycle frames and...


Effetto Mariposa Carogna Remover (150ml)

Carogna Remover Carogna Remover is a modern solvent that will soften/gelify dried-out mastic or other glues, allowing to completely remove them from carbon or aluminum rims. That will provide the optimal...

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Effetto Mariposa Caffelatex Valve Extension 45mm (x2)

Caffélatex Valve Extension   Seen the increasing number of tubeless road wheels and tyres, tubeless-specific valve extensions are needed to use normal tubeless valves on higher profile rims.   CHARACTERISTICS:   externally threaded, to secure the...

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